• Converge Denver (map)
  • 3327 Brighton Blvd.
  • Denver, CO 80216

Poetry + Performance with Bobby LeFebre & Ken Arkind

“Poetry, like all living things, is always growing and evolving. The art-form has served as an essential component of our history and collective consciousness, and every person that has ever walked this earth has had a story to tell. Although poetry is often viewed as a mere exercise in the esoteric, we argue it was never meant to be relegated to that hollow identity. Join us in an exclusive TEDxMileHigh Adventure where we will utilize 21st Century literary tools and performance techniques to travel to unfamiliar places. Using our names, the subconscious, and imagination as our transportation, we will discover worlds within ourselves that lay dormant, but complete. Everyone has stories buried inside themselves; during this Adventure, we will dig until we unearth what lives beneath. Join us for an evening of defining, (re)defining, discovering, and/or (re) discovering your personal, professional, and entrepreneurial self/intent.”     Bobby LeFebre